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Creators Economy

 Incubation & Expansion




As an entrepreneur, I have an instinct to turn ideas into reality and create opportunities that excite and challenge me. From kickstarting new projects to leading digital transformation and community building, I have successfully driven growth and expansion across Asia and beyond.

My goal is to create a future where technology and human values coexist in perfect harmony, unleashing the full potential of individuals to create and innovate. With my deep expertise in entrepreneurship, marketing growth, community building, and problem-solving, I am passionate about empowering people and organizations to leverage technologies to achieve their goals and make a meaningful impact.

My love of learning is the ultimate superpower, more valuable than any specific skill that may become outdated. That's why I always seek new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

🚀 Proven record of transforming bold ideas into successful ventures in travel, creators economy, and marketing growth.
🌍 Extensive experience in building and scaling businesses across Asia, Europe, and the US.
🌟 Driven by a sense of social purpose and committed to empowering humanity through creativity and learning.
📚 Avid reader and passionate traveler, constantly seeking new books and destinations to explore.


Here are some of my notable career achievements:

🏆 Co-founded and led the growth and expansion of KKday, a leading travel platform, to unprecedented heights.
📈 Spearheaded digital transformation initiatives as the digital lead of Media Asia Group, a leading Asian entertainment company.
💡 Founded and nurtured Anywhere Lab, the largest Chinese digital nomad community, and AnyoneLab, an academy for creators to launch and monetize their businesses.
🎤 Producer of FOMO Asia, the biggest community-led conference in Asia promoting the intersection of travel, technology, and community.
🌟 Incubated multiple projects with business partners to help culture and entertainment groups transition from web2 to web3.0 and develop an ownership economy.
📝 Authored a book and wrote as a columnist for various media outlets, showcasing my passion for storytelling and communication.


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