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About Rebecca Leung

It's a bit difficult to introduce myself, I don't know where to start this topic.
If you want to meet me before I was 25, buy my book.

At the age of 25, he left the position of senior executive of tourism start-ups in Southeast Asia, broke into the entertainment circle, mastered the industry know how, the Chinese consumer market, and tested entertainment technology or digital projects; followed and founded the largest creator economy in Asia And the community school of digital nomads, took a trip to Web3, and saw various interesting blockchain projects, capital markets and operating methods.

You may have heard about my experience or stories in different places, but I often feel that people are three-dimensional and multi-faceted. What you have heard or known is only a certain aspect of me at a certain moment, but over the years, I have been growing and changing.

I’m almost thirty, and I’m no longer the brave young man I used to be. My previous journeys had no boundaries, and I would try to experience everything. But because of these experiences, I can tell you categorically that I don’t like or want anything. .

Now the journey is more directional and I know my own values;
Do something and not do something, know the world but not the world;
The original intention has not changed, keeping up with the pace of science and technology while amplifying the beauty of human nature, hoping to create a place where people's value and influence can be brought into play. I'm still the one who stays curious about the world, enjoys the journey, and moves forward without setting a destination.

Now I am still not perfect but fortunately, I have transformed myself into a better and more three-dimensional existence.
I am full of gratitude for all the people, things and opportunities I meet, and keep the heart of learning and moving forward.

There are things you want to do, the right to choose, the opportunity to continue to improve, relative resources, and people who are willing to move forward together. But take it easy on things you can't control, don't be attached to results, people who value you are still in the circle, and you still have expectations for life.

I did not deviate from the expectations I gave myself, and even exceeded my expectations. I did better than I imagined. I still believe that the world is a stage for us to explore, solve puzzles, learn, stumble and grow. There is still a long way to practice and learn, but I know that I and my companions are always on the way.

The memory is good, but the memory is not so good,
My brain is very jumping, so what I wrote here is also very Random
But I hope to continue to record some work details, life trivia, awareness and study notes.

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Keywords about me
Creators Economy /Entertainment /Tech / Travel / Popular Culture 
Global Expansion / Launcher / Entrepreneur / Venture Builder 

3 Principles that I value
a. Continuous Learning 

b. Creativity and Humanity 
c. Empowerment  

3 words shaped my journey
Curiosity , Courage , Growth 


3 words gonna shape my journey
Aspiration , Compassion, Gratitude 

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